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24 February 2016

Food Allergy News: Is Auvi-Q Gone Forever?

For those of us who had embraced the availability of Auvi-Q as a more convenient, user-friendly epinephrine auto-injector, the recall of Auvi-Q came as quite a disappointment. We have adjusted to our trusty Epi-pens again, though we long for Auvi-Qs (as long as they work properly)! Now comes news of Sanofi's "abandonment" of Auvi-Q altogether. Does this mean the end of Auvi-Q in Canada and the U.S. or will Kaleo make plans for Auvi-Q to be manufactured here again? Will Sanofi offer a different epinephrine auto-injector? Only time will tell!

For more info about this change, please read Sanofi Abandoning Auvi-Q after Dosage Problems Led to Total Recall.

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