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12 November 2016

Food Allergy News Requires Thoughtful Reading

First, I want to say I love Kids With Food Allergies Foundation. They are just about my absolute favorite food allergy organization. The headline for a recent blog post on the Kids with Food Allergies website, however, is SO misleading, in my opinion. 

The headline is "School Staff Know More Than They Think They Do About Treating Anaphylaxis", but when I read through the article, I saw the study surveyed only 143 non-nurse school staff at Colorado schools. That just is not representative of the entire U.S! Colorado might have more vocal food allergy advocates than other states. For me, it does not prove much of anything. Colorado is just one state. There are 49 others in the U.S. 

I wanted to share this headline and point out this discrepancy as a reminder to all of us--as parents of children with food allergies, as individuals managing food allergies, as consumers, as citizens, as adults--that we should not blindly accept and believe headlines. We need to actually read the articles thoughtfully. 

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