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14 March 2017

Food Allergy News: Unfiltered and Straight from the Source is Best

One of the best ways to become a savvy consumer is to read--a lot. When it comes to food allergies, having good information sources is extremely important. Not all blogs are created equal. Not all websites are created equal. You need to become your own best news source. In a previous post, I shared how to set up Google alerts so you can get the latest food allergy headlines directly in your own inbox. I also shared how to get FDA recall notices directly as well.

Recently, the #AAAAI17 Annual Meeting was held and as usual, a number of interesting studies were discussed. You can actually obtain the abstracts for those studies yourself. It's so much better to read them yourself rather than adopting someone else's interpretation. There is a special supplement of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology which contains the abstracts from the meeting. 

If you are interested, why not take a look at the abstracts yourself? If you want to learn more about those studies or their implications for you or your loved on, it could be a question for your allergist. Don't sell yourself short! You can become your own best food allergy information source very easily.

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