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01 July 2017

Food Allergies and Anxiety: New Study Out of Columbia

There is a new study out of Columbia Public Health (Columbia University's School of Public Health) linking childhood anxiety and food allergies. See "Researchers find link between food allergies and childhood anxiety" for a summary of the study. Obviously, a great deal more research is needed.
CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18597
We really need a "whole child" approach to treating children with food allergies; we need allergists to treat the medical aspects of life with food allergies, and social workers or psychologists to help with the mental well-being aspects. There needs to be more collaboration between those two types of providers for patients with food allergies.

Since I began blogging in 2008, I have witnessed a massive uptick in the number of anxiety-ridden, overwhelmed parents in online food allergy support and discussion groups. Something needs to change in the way food allergies are being treated. Too many parents or even adult patients are at a loss about where to find answers about the day-to-day aspects of managing food allergies. When allergists send patients and their families back out into the world with just a diagnosis, a prescription for epinephrine injectors and instruction to avoid said allergen, they (the medical establishment) are doing a disservice to those patients. I urge parents of children with food allergies and adults with food allergies to be vigorous self-advocates. Call the allergist's office back with your questions. Go to your allergy appointments with a list of questions. Do not look for answers to your medical questions on Facebook or websites or blogs by non-medical professionals.

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