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21 July 2017

Food Allergy Consumer Tip Fridays: "Is this safe?"

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40818260

If you have a question about a product...

Is this safe?
Is this made in a dedicated facility?
Is this made on shared lines?

Contact the manufacturer youself. It is SO easy to do! If they are not open, you can always email them and you will receive an answer soon enough, or just call when they do open.

We hear so much talk--especially lately!--about the risk of anaphylaxis, and yet so many parents post to a group of strangers on Facebook, asking if a food is safe? When it comes to a matter of life and death--especially for a child!--I would think most of us would prefer to get the information straight "from the horse's mouth." (the manufacturer)

Let's be honest, it is never that urgent to use a specific food item. There is always something else to eat. C'mon food allergy mommas, we owe our kids more!

Own your food allergies or your kids' food allergies. Do your own due diligence and teach your children to do the same. Contact the manufacturer yourself.

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