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20 August 2017

Food Allergy Consumer Product Review and Giveaway: WholeFruit Bars and Sorbet

The kids are headed back to school but summer’s not over yet! As they say, timing is everything. We’re in a little heatwave here in southeastern Massachusetts, and we at Food Allergy Buzz have been enjoying some delicious frozen treats courtesy of JJ Snack Company—WholeFruit Sorbet and Fruit Bars. 

In this part of Massachusetts, WholeFruit products are available at Demoulas Market Basket. You can use the WholeFruit product locator on the WholeFruit website to find out where the products are sold near you.

All WholeFruit products are fat free, gluten free and dairy free. They are also Kosher. Food Allergy Buzz asked for detailed information about ingredients and risk of cross-contact and  JJ Snack provided very complete information. In order to make sure we do not miss any important details, we are including JJ Snack's response below. They were very forthcoming and aware of the concerns of consumers managing food allergies.

"In regards to your allergen questions: All of our frozen novelties for Whole Fruit are gluten-free.  There is no gluten present at the plants that make these products.  At the location that makes our Whole Fruit Organic Juice and Whole Fruit Sorbet, there are no peanuts present at the plant.  The only tree nut that is present is Coconut, which is used for specific flavors.  There is, however, a presence of dairy and soy at this plant.  On the line that makes our Sorbet, there is only a presence of Milk & Soy.  On the line that makes our Organic Juice Tubes, there is a presence of Milk, Soy and Coconut. 

On the plant that makes our Whole Fruit Fruit Bars, there are no peanuts present at the plant.  The only tree nut that is present is Coconut, which is used for specific flavors.  There is a presence of dairy & soy at this plant.  Dairy, soy and Coconut are present on the line that makes our fruit bars.

We do have a cross contamination procedure that is practiced and followed at all of our plants.   All products containing milk are produced all at once.  When those products are complete, the machines are shut down and go through a three-part sanitation wash.  It is an automated sequence of a wash, rinse, and sanitation bath.  The final sanitation rinse and the first non-allergen batch of products are tested for allergens.  If the tests pass, then the batches are packed.  If they fail, the cycle repeats until they pass.  However, if this is something that you are very concerned with, it is better to be safe than sorry and not consume the product." 

The FAB Review
Dedicated facility: All facilities are gluten-free, peanut-free and tree nut free except coconut. Soy and dairy are present in the facilities. See above for details about shared and dedicated lines.
Appearance: colorful; nice packaging! Sorbet has plastic seal on each pint, underneath cover.
Taste: natural real fruity flavor. (The ingredients include fruit purees.)
Texture: smooth, not icey or creamy
Convenience: available at many supermarkets
Buy again? yes!

Cool Off with WholeFruit

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