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07 April 2008

Nut-free Clothes Shopping?

Would my four-year-old recognize an unshelled peanut? Now, I must visit the supermarket with a mission beyond purchasing this week's groceries.  I must be sure to point out unshelled peanuts because we came upon some at a department store the other day.  I can't help but think that if I had not been there, my child might have bent down to examine the spilled trail mix more closely, not realizing that there was a peanut in that mix.

We were waiting in line when I noticed some spilled trail mix on the floor in front of the cashier's counter. There were some pieces of dried fruit, cashews, and a peanut. That deadly peanut.  For a moment, I almost forgot to breath.  I pointed it out to my peanut-allergic child and we stood a few feet away, waiting our turn. We made sure to keep our distance and then pointed it out to the cashier.  I had never really thought of peanut-free or nut-free clothes shopping.  I had been focusing more on avoiding peanuts as an ingredient.  I just don't know how my child would be affected by skin contact with a peanut, and I don't want to find out.  Yet another reminder that vigilance is absolutely essential.


Libby said...

It's so tough, "training" your child to avoid certain foods! I ended up making flashcards, and deciding to avoid all nuts, both because of cross-contamination in processed foods, and because differentiating between a safe nut and one that could kill him is a little too much for a four year old! We always look at nuts and read labels together at the grocery store. One day at the park I noticed a Reese's wrapper on the ground and realized I had to teach him NOT to pick up trash! I don't know if you're a Harry Potter fan, but I always think of the character 'Mad Eye' Moody and his cry of "Constant vigilance!" Libby

Unknown said...

I liked the 'Mad Eye' Moody reference--very fitting, eh? Constant vigilance! And you're right, it is tough "training" them. I imagine when they start school it must be very worrisome, wondering if all these lessons and reminders have taken. The thought of preschool in September frightens me. But on the other hand, I see older children at school with peanut allergy and they have done fine. And there are SO many peanut-allergic kids. The other day I counted 8 peanut-free classrooms out of 10 (on the 1st floor). Wow!

Modern Allergy Mom said...

You know - I never thought about the fact that my son does not know what a peanut looks like. He is very good about asking me to check candy and baked goods, but we never see peanuts around. We talked about it this morning and are going to look for nuts during our next trip to the store. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! My son was reluctant and afraid to get close enough to look at them, but it probably is good to periodically remind them what nuts and peanuts look like.