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30 August 2009

Allergen Free Candy Corn?

Many readers of Food Allergy Buzz remember the candy corn saga from last fall. I tried to find truly peanut-free candy corn, from a completely peanut-free facility/factory and had no luck. I came close though--Blueberry Hill made candy corn in an enclosed peanut free section (could be considered a "facility") within a larger building or facility.

Some rumbles about candy corn are already beginning and Food Allergy Buzz is beginning to receive visitors in search of allergy free candy corn, allergen free candy corn, and peanut free candy corn. Blueberry Hill Foods has been bought out by another candy company, Sunrise Candies. I recently called Sunrise to find out if they are still producing "peanut free" candy corn. I learned that their candy corn is peanut-free and nut-free, made in a Mexican facility which does not use any peanuts or tree nuts. They make a lot of "private label" candy so there is a good chance your local supermarket's bags of candy corn may be from Sunrise. If you know of another brand of peanut/nut-free candy corn available for sale, please do send in a comment. The more options, the better--I am still looking too!

Another yet more elusive Halloween candy is egg-free, peanut-free, and nut-free candy corn. Does it exist anywhere? Does anyone know? That would be a great find! And what about gluten-free candy corn, without the risk of cross-contamination? Has anyone got a brand to recommend? 

Fingers crossed for some good tips!

BTW, I use the term "allergen free" loosely. Of course, nothing is truly allergen-free, but we each can hope to find things allergen-free of the things we need to avoid!

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