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01 May 2008

TV Show on Cooking with Food Allergies

"You won't even miss it", a television show dedicated to cooking with food allergies began airing in December 2007 on local cable in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  The show is hosted by Nancy MacDonald, mother of three--including one child with multiple food allergies--and Chef Rick Tarantino, who has had numerous national television appearances on the Food Network and shows such as “Good Morning America” and “Today”.  Chef Rick himself is unable to eat gluten and nuts.

I recently spoke with Nancy about the television show and her experience as a parent of a food allergic child.   During the first several years of his life, Nancy's son suffered from numerous food allergies and was on an extremely restricted diet.   During those years, Nancy developed and accumulated over two hundred recipes to meet both her allergic child's dietary needs and those of her non-allergic family members.  Nancy explained that it was important to her that her family share the same meals, so her young son would not feel excluded due to his dietary restrictions.  Caring for children with multiple food allergies presents that double challenge of trying to avoid the offending foods while trying to feed your child the nutrients they need to grow and flourish despite the restricted diet.

On "You won't even miss it",  Nancy shares her experience as a parent of a food allergic child and her recipes.  She does so alongside Chef Rick, who contributes recipes as well as his culinary expertise. In addition, the show highlights local restaurants that are food allergy friendly.  

"You won't even miss it" currently is available in Massachusetts and has been receiving inquiries from all over the country. Previous episodes may be viewed online.  If you are interested in requesting it for your local cable, visit the website to contact Nancy and Rick directly.


Jenny said...

Yay! They need to have this or something like it on the Food Network.

Good for them! In the meantime, I'll watch online.

Unknown said...

You're right--Nancy and Rick are doing a great service for those with multiple food allergies. Who knows what's next?! Martha is doing something with food allergies in a magazine, maybe the Food Network is next...

Anonymous said...

I think that this show really needs to be picked up by major networks . Its amazing that finally someone is getting creative especially children feeling they are missing out on things that you re create so it tastes yummy .. I am definatley staying tuned !! Thanks so much for your innovation... you two are great in the kitchen together !