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21 May 2008

The Buzz Around New England: Nut-Free Cookies Get Fancy

Fancypants Bakery bakes huge, eye-appealing, and tasty nut-free iced shortbread cookies. These beauties are available for purchase at select supermarkets and specialty stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. It is indeed a treat to be able to find such a pretty nut-free bakery cookie--made in a nut-free facility--in the bakery section of the supermarket!  Practically unheard of!  If you don't live near a store carrying their cookies, don't despair: Fancypants Bakery ships throughout the United States.  

These cookies are not your everyday cookies.  They are perfect for special occasions and party favors. When you see the cookies, the attention to detail is evident and their taste--wonderful, buttery shortbread.  The bakery has an online store with a cookie gallery which must be seen.  You can view the variety of cookie designs--over 100--and place an order online. Fancypants Bakery also designs and prepares custom orders.

I spoke with owners Maura Duggan and Justin Housman recently about their bakery and their cookies.  The bakery does not use any nuts or peanuts.  Having opened in 2004, they have individual and corporate customers across the United States. They also have developed some new recipes and anticipate expanding their product line to include chocolate chip, oatmeal and molasses clove cookies by the year's end.

Fancypants Bakery is located in East Walpole, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit the website, telephone 508.660.1140, or send an email to info@fancypantsbakery.com.

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