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17 July 2008

Breakfast at Sesame Place

One of the stops we made on our recent car trip was Sesame Place. It is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, approximately a half hour north of Philadelphia.  For those of you unfamiliar with Sesame Place, it is an amusement park complete with traditional amusement rides, water rides and features Sesame Street characters in shows, parades and at meals.  We were glad to discover that the park is a very manageable size for young children and was also quite clean.  We saw the "Rock Around the Block Parade" and many of the Sesame Characters up close. But the highlight and primary reason for our visit was to have Breakfast with Cookie Monster.  Our peanut allergic four year old is a serious Cookie Monster fan. If memory serves me right, the present Cookie Monster collection here includes 5 Cookie Monsters of varying sizes, 3 Cookie Monster shirts and a pair of Cookie Monster sunglasses.  

In anticipation of our visit, I contacted Sesame Place to inquire about accommodations for peanut allergies. I am including the response they sent (with their permission, of course) in case a visit to Sesame Place is in your future vacation plans.  As you'll see in the information provided, they are quite willing to make accommodations.  We opted to bring our child's breakfast in a cooler to simplify matters.  Sesame Place security does check bags when you enter the park, but we had absolutely no trouble at all bringing a small insulated bag with breakfast.  And after all the preparation, guess what?!  Seeing Cookie Monster and all of the other characters at breakfast proved to be so exciting, the kids could barely eat anyway.  I think our four year-old spent more time "doing the pigeon" with Bert than eating!

Sesame Place is located at 100 Sesame Road, Langhorne, PA 19047.  To contact Sesame Place, telephone 215.752.7070 or send an email to GuestComments@sesameplace.com.

Info we received from Sesame Place: 

Jennifer, your email was forwarded to me to assist you with your breakfast questions with regards to a peanut allergy.


·         We do not cook in peanut oil.  We use a trans fat free Nutra Clear Canola Oil for our deep frying.

·         The menu at the breakfast is as follows:

o        Sausage and Bacon (Hatfield Brand) – cooked on a grill

o        Eggs (Michael Foods Brand) – these are boil in a bag eggs that are not cooked on a grill

o        ABC Potato Fries (Oreida Brand) – these are deep fried

o        French Toast Sticks (Aunt Jemima Brand) – these are deep fried in the same fryer at the ABC Fries

o        Cereals – individual pre packs…Apple Jacks, Cheerios, Fruit Loops

o        Bagels (Lebus Bakery…this local bakery does use nuts and grains for some of their bagels for their clients) – the ones we serve are Multigrain, Onion, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin.  Cream Cheese in individual packets (Philadelphia Cream Cheese Brand)

o        Fresh Fruit – apples, bananas, oranges

·         The food is served buffet style and the hot items are put in their own chafing dishes with their own utensils.  The cereals are arranged and stacked by flavor, the fruit is put in a bowl, and the bagels are put in a basket.  The bagels will have tongs set out so that you can pick the bagel you want.

·         We also serve orange juice, milk, and coffee.

·         If you would feel more comfortable I can set up with the catering manager for a plate to be made for your child for the breakfast.  If this is something you would be interested in I would need to know the date of the breakfast, confirmation number, and what food you would want made for your child.  When you get to the catering facility you would just need to let your server know that you have a pre-arranged breakfast plate waiting for you.

·         The utensils our guests use to eat are plastic and they are put in a basket for someone to take what they would need.  The plates our guests use for food are plastic as well and placed on the buffet line to pick up before they get their food.

·         If you would rather bring your own food for your child, you can bring it in a small soft cooler, 12” x 10” x 10”.  Security checks bags at the front gate and you would just tell them it is due to a food allergy.  Our catering location does not have a microwave to heat up any food that you bring in.  One of our restaurants has a microwave and if you needed to have something heated up one of our team members could take it over for you.


I hope I have provided information useful for you to decide on the breakfast.  If there is anything further you need, just let me know and I will research it for you.


We look forward to having your family at Sesame Place this season!


Dianne T. Jones

Purchasing Manager, Culinary Operations

Sesame Place


Nowheymama said...

We went to Sesame Place three summers ago, and they were great about letting us bring a cooler in an keeping it with us all day.

Anonymous said...

I also have a son with PA. I wish every place could be this accommodating!! As I'm sure you know, eating out can be such a hassle and some places just don't get it. I'm happy you had such a wonderful experience!!