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05 July 2008

"Peanut-Free" Baseball in Canada

Karen of www.avoidingmilkprotein.com reminded me that a "peanut-free" baseball game will also take place in Toronto, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, on September 20, 2008.  This season, the Blue Jays have offered 4 "PeanutNut Reduced Zone" games:  June 7, July 26, August 9, and September 20.  Debbie Bruce shared the following press release.  Thanks Karen and Debbie!

PUT ME IN COACH…I’m ready to play, today…(Centerfield by John Fogerty)

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club announce 4th Date

for PeanutNut Reduced Zone at Rogers Centre.

Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 1:07pm

Boston Red Sox

To:  The Anaphylactic community, their family and friends…


    We are very pleased to announce that due to the enormous response from families dealing with life threatening allergies – seating in the PeanutNut Reduced Zone for June 7, July 26 and August 9 games is sold out – and the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club is adding a fourth date for Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone seating at Rogers Centre.

     Rogers Centre invites you to come see the Jays take on the Red Sox in a final drive for the playoffs! 


     The Summit Suite, which holds 300 fans, will be cleaned in advance and devoted to the exclusive use of families who live with peanut/nut and other severe allergies.  “We believe everyone should be able to participate in watching North America’s favourite summer sport.  Quite simply, people with peanut/nut allergies can be included!” says Mark Lazaruk of the Blue Jays, and obviously want to be included… 40% of the tickets for the first three dates sold out in two days.  


     Tickets for the Summit Suite, located near gate 13, are $45. per person (tax included). Families will be allowed to bring some approved snacks into the suite, but will also have the option to purchase limited food and beverage items.


     Fans outside the restricted area will be able to buy peanuts as usual. 

    The Summit Lounge is designated a peanut/nut reduced Zone for this date only.

We look forward to sharing the day with you…

Debbie Bruce & Cindy Paskey


To reserve your tickets now, contact Debbie Bruce by email at:


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