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04 August 2008

Do You Have These Flashcards?

If not, enter the Food Allergy Buzz giveaway for a chance to win!  

When I first learned of my younger child’s peanut allergy, one of the first food allergy resources I obtained was a set of Beyond A Peanut Flashcards.  For us, they provided an easy way--with helpful and colorful pictures--to teach our child what to watch out for, as we acclimated to life with the peanut allergy. We continue to use them as a tool to review basic food allergy safety.

The flashcards were developed by the mother of two highly allergic children, and provide an excellent and handy reference for caretakers and children alike.  They review cross-contamination, label reading, foods that are common sources of peanuts and tree nuts, and basic food allergy safety tips.  The cards are color-coded for use with different audiences and come on a ring so they are easy to keep handy.  With the start of the school year only weeks away, consider getting a set or two to share with your preschool or elementary school teachers, after school care, or the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization).   They are a convenient way to reinforce critical food allergy safety tips and may be purchased online for $13.99 directly from www.beyondapeanut.com.

The creator of the Beyond A Peanut Flashcards has graciously provided a set of flashcards which will be given to one lucky winner selected at random.  To enter the giveaway, please tell us your 3 favorite food allergy friendly foods available on the shelf at the supermarket or online.  They can be any sort of “free-from” food: dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, etc.   Submit your entry in a comment to this post or in an email to jennifer@foodallergybuzz.com by midnight Eastern time on Monday, August 11. Then, we will share the results of our "free-from" foods survey and announce the lucky winner of the flashcards!


Vivian Mahoney said...

Our lifelines:

Silk Soymilk
Earth Balance spread
I.M. Healthy soynut butter

Jenny said...

Thank you for pointing out what a great resource Beyond a Peanut is. I just found out about it this year--it sure could have helped me in the past. I'm considering buying this for my daughter's school.