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10 October 2008

1 Birthday Down, 11 to Go

Phew!  Well, today was a big day here.  We made it through the first classroom celebration of a birthday in my peanut allergic 5-year-old's preschool class (besides ours earlier this week).  I am pleased to report that my peanut allergic child enjoyed his safe cupcake--chocolate with vanilla frosting--which I had provided to the preschool in advance to be stored in the school's freezer.  I remember my kindergarten birthday celebration 30+ years ago.  We had smiley face cookies from Country Crest Bakery in Rhode Island. Everyone happily ate everything with no trouble. Today, I was nervous.  We reviewed the same allergy commandments we review every day before preschool:
  • Only eat food from home, no matter what.
  • Even if another grownup says the snack is safe and has absolutely no peanuts, still only eat the food from home.
  • Even if the snacks the other children eat look very pretty and safe, still only eat the food from home.
  • Even if the snacks the other children eat look just like our safe snack, still only eat the food from home.
  • Why we do only eat food from home?  Because we know for sure that the food from home is safe and we don't really know about other food unless Mommy checks it out.
11 more birthdays to go this school year.  Next weekend, cake decorating class!
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