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23 October 2008

Hidden Allergens in Halloween Makeup

In Dejouer les allergies alimentaires, a French Canadian food allergy blog, I came across a piece of Halloween advice which I knew but had completely forgotten! Check the ingredients in halloween makeup and face paint! Halloween's a really challenging holiday for the food allergic, isn't it? There is so much focus on safe candies, checking the labels, what to do with the candy received during trick-or-treating, whether we should even allow our children to handle the wrapped candies...I haven't seen much mention of makeup and it is worth a reminder. Marie-Josee points out that cosmetics and makeup frequently contain nut oils, eggs, and other food allergens. She recommends carefully reading the list of ingredients and adds that we shouldn't hesitate to contact the manufacturer to obtain additional information. Sound advice and a good reminder too!


Jenny said...

Thanks for the reminder. Great point!

Since I have a daughter, I'm already hyper-aware of potential allergens in cosmetics. They seem to be everywhere, don't they?

Unknown said...

See, I have two boys and never was much into make-up myself. I am just not tuned into it. However, I do recall getting hives from make-up on Halloween, as a child though. Who knows what's in some of these non-food items?