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22 October 2008

Put in a Word for Linda Coss

Ack!  I see my friend Jennifer over at Comments from the Peanut Free Gallery has recently published on the same topic already!  I will keep it brief in case you've stopped by the Peanut Free Gallery on your way here. Linda Coss is asking for our assistance in getting on a national television show to address food allergies. She's well-known among allergy families as the "author of 3 food allergy books, a former support group leader with over 13 years of experience, the parent of a college-age child with multiple life-threatening allergies, and one of the “pioneers” in the food allergy world." Please assist Linda by writing to one or all of the following shows:

Scroll down to the bottom to the “Anything Goes” section and then click on “Hey you…what’s on your mind?”   Be sure to click on the “pass it on” button and give them Linda's email, Linda@FoodAllergyBooks.com

Click on “Email Martha” on the-hand side of the page.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jennifer, and everyone else who is supporting this effort! Let's get our message heard!

Jennifer said...


Thanks again for the mention...... Great minds think alike. (and have similiar names)


Jenny said...

Don't worry, I posted on this topic, too. The more the merrier. Looks like all the Jennifers have this covered!!