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21 November 2008

Celebrating Food

We had a visit to a new allergist today, one of the "go to" guys for peanut allergy.  Following a recent blood test and today's skin test, we received some wonderful news--pistachios are back! My five year old may eat pistachios if they are packaged unshelled (in their shells) and are from a facility that does not process or handle peanuts. We were very excited about this news and stopped at the grocery store on the way home to purchase a package of unshelled pistachios. I called the manufacturer to verify that they do not process peanuts and learned they only process almonds and pistachios, so we happily, peacefully, munched on a small handful of pistachios this afternoon.

Pistachios are something of a luxury food, aren't they? They're expensive and they're not part of our everyday diet. What jubilation and celebration must follow news of an outgrown milk allergy or wheat allergy. I can't imagine! With the holiday celebrations drawing nearer, it would be fun to hear how other food allergic families and individuals celebrate growing out of a food allergy and having more food options. What did you do to celebrate?
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