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14 November 2008

New Medical Emergency Charms

Photo courtesy of WELLAlarm

In early October, I received an email from Stephanie Cion, founder of WELLAlarm, a new medical emergency service. You may recognize the name WELLAlarm from other food allergy blogs and medical websites. Stephanie's inspiration for WELLAlarm grew out of her own personal experience with a life threatening condition. More information about her story can be found on her website. Her awareness of the need to communicate critical medical information in a crisis led her to develop WELLCharms, attractive charms for bracelets and necklaces which are available for purchase on her web site. The charms provide a way to identify an individual's medical condition immediately. What distinguishes WELLAlarm from other medical emergency services is that it also offers online access to personal medical information from anywhere. It's a new and interesting concept.

Stephanie has graciously contributed a WELLAlarm shellfish allergy charm and necklace and a year of platinum WELLAlarm service to a randomly selected Food Allergy Buzz reader. To enter the giveaway, make a visit to http://wellalarm.com and send an email to jennifer@foodallergybuzz.com listing the other allergy WELLAlarm charms currently displayed on the WELLAlarm website. Giveaway entries must be submitted by midnight Eastern time on Tuesday, November 18. The winner will be notified via email on Wednesday, November 19.  Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely interested in this. Thanks for website link...checking it out. The charms look really cute!