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11 November 2008

Peanut-Free and Nut-Free Gingerbread Houses

*UPDATE: A & J Bakery are now offering egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free and peanut-free gingerbread houses and gingerbread house kits, as well as the regular nut-free and peanut-free ones.

Peanut free and nut free bakery pioneers Amy and Joe Hitzemann of A & J Bakery in Rhode Island made my day. I have been looking on and off for more than a year for a peanut free and nut free gingerbread house or gingerbread house kit. I preferred the kit but would have taken an assembled house, if that's what I found. I could not find one.  I found some in Canada and even found some NAFTA Foods gingerbread kits being delivered to Supervalu in Virginia, but could not find a way to get ahold of even one of those kits. Late last week, I received news that A & J Bakery would be selling gingerbread houses. Finally, peanut free and nut free gingerbread houses made and sold in the U.S.--how exciting!

Today I received additional information about the gingerbread houses and learned that they are also selling gingerbread house kits. The assembled gingerbread house is available for pick-up only and costs $38. The kits are available for shipping in the U.S. and Canada and are $24 plus shipping. The kits include pre-baked gingerbread house pieces, white icing, two kinds of nut free candy, and non-edible decorations too. A 2 day lead time is needed for the kit and 4 days for the assembled house. The gingerbread houses and kits are available for purchase now.
A and J Bakery is located at 1458 Park Avenue in Cranston, RI.  The telephone number is 866.426.9075 and email address is info@aandjbakery.net.
*NOTE: Karen of the Avoiding Milk Protein blog and website has some interesting information on Gingerbread Men and Kits available in Canada.*
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