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10 November 2008

Should Food Allergic Students be Segregated?

Here is an article from Illinois about another approach to managing food allergies as school. A local school fights food allergies in the classroom discusses the efforts of one elementary school in Illinois where 10 out of the 100 kindergarteners have severe food allergies. According to the WIFR.com article,

"(the) principal says, "The students are grouped into one classroom for two reasons, to do the most accommodations we can in that classroom, the second one is to make it a safer overall by making sure we monitor what comes in and out of that classroom and what they come in contact with daily."

Part of the monitoring process, students bags and lunches are checked several times a day for harmful products, just one of many safety measures."

I can see both positives and negatives to this approach. It's almost a little controversial because of the separation or segregation of the students. What do you think?
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