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06 December 2008

New Hampshire Considers Food Allergy Protection Law

On seacoastonline.com, there is an interesting article entitled Food allergy protection: Bill would require warnings on NH menus. The bill, proposed by state senator Lou d'Allesandro, is similar to Massachusetts'--it would "require all restaurants to prominently display a poster about food allergy awareness in the staff area and to include on all menus a notice of the customer’s obligation to inform the server about any food allergies."

"In addition, it asks the Department of Public Health to develop a voluntary program that allows restaurants to be designated as “Food Allergy Friendly” by the department and requires that if the restaurant meets the guidelines for designation, it must include a list of all the ingredients used in the preparation of each food item on the menu."

It's an encouraging piece of news.

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Lise Samson said...

Wow! This bill would really improve the quality of life for allergic people. Thanks for keeping us informed about it.