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24 December 2008

New Website Aims to Connect Food Allergic Individuals with Food Allergy Friendly Businesses

I received the following email from the founder of Food Allergy Friendly Network, an interesting new company with the aim of bringing together food allergic consumers and food allergy friendly businesses. With her permission, I am pasting the email here for you to read.

"I would very much like to announce the launch of our food allergy certification business, and that we are currently in our campaign to attract site Users and Certified Members.  

The site is completely FREE to both visitors and our Registered Users.  www.foodallergyfriendly.net 
Additionally we are offering to PAY $100 to you for referring Certified Members.  Keep reading this post for more info.
We have created the food allergy friendly standard for Restaurants, Retailers and Food Products.  
Our mission is to connect the food allergy consumer market with the businesses that are dedicated to meeting their various food allergy needs. 
As an individual with multiple food allergies, I like many others like myself, found it very difficult to find the food products that I could eat, where to buy them or restaurants that had allergen alternative menus or at the minimum, were receptive to altering their menu items to meet my needs.
We have developed a website that has a categorized, searchable database of our Certified Members; so much more than “just a list”.  You will be able to search for exactly what you want, where you want.
Gluten-free breakfast cereal?     Search it!
A family style restaurant in San Diego that has a soy-free, vegan menu?  Search it!
A retailer in Chicago who is happily ready to assist you shop for your allergen alternative products?  Search it!
We will only include Certified Members in our database; they must meet our requirements and agree to uphold to the Terms of Membership.  Otherwise, they won’t be listed and they can’t use our red stamp certification mark.
Right now, we are trying to build both the User and Member base.  To do this, we are offering special discounts to our Members as well as offering to PAY $100 to our Registered Users who refer a Member when they become certified.  It’s really easy, visit the link www.foodallergyfriendly.net/mrip to learn about becoming a Registered User and joining our Member Referral Incentive Program (MRIP).  Read complete details at our site, but basically:
Complete the FREE registration which assigns you a unique User ID #
Agree to and enroll in the MRIP
Create FREE customized dietary restriction cards to take with you to restaurants, and choose to have your MRIP # printed on the card.
Encourage your local restaurant to become certified and use your MRIP # as the REP CODE.
Then,  when they become certified, we send you $100
Visit our site, read about our service and certification process on the LEARN pages, read the link “Our Story” and register as a User and start earning your $100 incentives today.

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