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20 December 2008

Non-Food Gift Idea for Food Allergic Preschoolers

During the last year, I came across a lovely publication out of Portland, Oregon aimed at the preschool audience--Tessy and Tab.  I think this is a neat gift idea for the pre-reading set! My five year old has a subscription; it costs $48 annually. Every two weeks, we receive a new issue--a small colorfully illustrated story with some simple pre-reading exercises at the end. 

When you have food allergies in your family--even just one--it's part of everyday life, and for us, I think it is really important not to let it dominate. I imagine I feel like many parents of food allergic children in that I want my child to enjoy the same things every other child his age does (while being ever-vigilant about the allergy, of course!). When relatives ask for gift ideas for the kids, I try to discourage food allergy related gifts. I think it's more fun to receive a gift any child would enjoy, allergies or not. It's too late for this Christmas, but if you find yourself stumped for birthday or other gift ideas in 2009, this is one which lasts the whole year through! It's really well-done, intended to encourage a love of reading, and it's always very exciting for the younger family members to receive their own mail.

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