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04 December 2008

The Same Old Peanut "Song and Dance"

I came across an article entitled The War on Peanuts on investors.com. My first reaction is that this is an article written to encourage heated comments like those that appeared on wsj.com's September 11, 2008 article Peanut Butter Bans: Nuisance or Necessity?. I am tempted to ignore the article so as to avoid inspiring this tired discussion. It's like "Name that tune" and the song's a cinch because it's gotten so much play.

The author uses terms like "peanut-allergy nazis" and states that a "Washington lobbyist group is behind the anti-peanut push. It's stalking schools with fears about children going into anaphylactic shock if they so much as touch something peanutty." The Washington lobbying group he is referring to is FAAN! Funny, many parents of peanut allergic kids criticize FAAN for not taking a strong enough position and advocating a peanut ban! This poor investors.com author doesn't know his subject very well, I'm afraid.

He also throws out strange statistics. I don't know where he obtained his information. It's not even worth trying to argue the points he makes, but I guess it is a good reminder that there are people who really do hold those views, who really are that uninformed, and that we must keep advocating awareness.
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