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29 January 2009

Allergic Living's Plane Campaign

A favorite food allergy blog is A propos des allergies alimentaires by French Canadienne blogger, Lise. Recently, Lise wrote two posts regarding airplane safety for food allergic individuals. In the first post, entitled "Est-il dangereux pour les personnes allergiques de voyager en avion?", Lise cites the recent study from the University of California at Davis' School of Medicine regarding allergic reactions to peanuts, nuts and seeds during airplane flights. Allergic Living magazine references this study as well in a Winter 2009 article which is excerpted on its website in Flying Allergic.  The study offers more proof that flying in an airplane with airborne particles from peanuts, nuts and seeds can be dangerous for allergic individuals and has caused allergic reactions.  

In her second airline-related post "Ameliorer la securite a bord des avions", Lise encourages Canadians and others (anyone who might board a Canadian airliner!) to participate in Allergic Living's campaign to educate and make airline companies more aware of food allergies. Please take a moment to lend your support to this effort! To participate, go to https://allergicliving.com/petitions/airlines/

You may have noticed a couple other food allergy bloggers, including Allergic Girl, have mentioned Allergic Living's campaign recently too. (see Reduce the Risk Campaign on Airlines, Allergic Living) Take a look also at the helpful summary by Marie-Josee Bettez (Dejour les allergies alimentaires) of Allergic Living's review of 11 different airlines' food allergy practices and policies. Don't you think we in the U.S. should follow this example from our northern neighbor, organize a similar campaign, and rally together to promote awareness and education on U.S. airlines as well?

*Edited to properly attribute the review of 11 airlines' policies to Allergic Living
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