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02 January 2009

Eggless Challah

The January 1, 2009 Boston Globe Food Section featured a small article entitled Less is more about a bakery we visited back in spring 2008. At that time, the bakery was named Bodavi Bakery. Ownership had just switched hands and based on the Globe's article, business is going very well. The bakery's new name is Blackers Bakeshop and it's located at 551 Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. When we visited a few months back, we got there just as they were closing for the day. We had travelled a little ways to get there with our peanut allergic then-4-year-old, and the owner graciously stayed open a few more minutes so our son could select a few treats. The bakery is both nut-free and Kosher-Pareve (hence dairy-free) and offers cookies, cakes, breads,  and bagels.

Also noteworthy, I received an email from a reader giving high praise to Blackers' eggless challah bread as well as the cross-contact protocol that must be in place--they have a sesame allergy in the family and no reactions have occurred despite the fact that sesame bagels are baked at Blackers. Thank you for this info--I think we'll be making another trip to Blackers soon!
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