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02 February 2009

Nut-Free, Dairy-Free Cookies at the Supermarket

I am happy to report we finally got our hands on some cookies from Sha Sha Bakery this weekend. They weren't too easy to find, but we were able to locate them in the bakery section of a nearby Whole Foods Market. They came in a 12 oz plastic tub with a nice visible nut free symbol, as well as a Kosher Pareve symbol, on the label. According to the Sha Sha Bread FAQ page

the plant that the cookies are made in is a nut free plant, meaning we do not use any nuts in our products whatsoever. (This includes peanuts)
No, we do not use milk or any other dairy products in any of products.

Q: What products do you have made without Wheat?

A: We have 6 products made without wheat flour. They are:
Spelt Bread, Raisin Cinnamon Spelt Bread, Spelt & Kamut Pizza Crust, Spelt & Flax Lavash, Spelt Ginger Snaps, and our Spelt Lemon Poppy Snaps. These products are all made with Organic Spelt flour, and contain no wheat.

Spelt does contain gluten similar to Wheat"

Ironically, after going through all that effort to find them, my sons did not like the taste! I think we'll try another flavor and see if that's any better. Personally, I thought they were tasty, with their subtle cocoa flavor, and I liked the small size and shape too. In addition, the tub contained quite a few of the tiny cocoa snaps, so it seems like a good purchase for sharing at school or other gatherings. We saw ginger snaps and marble snaps at the store, and Sha Sha's is offering ginger, cocoa, and lemon flavors online.

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