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25 March 2009

Arizona Diamondbacks Offer Gluten-Free Food at Games

 "The times they are a-changin"--peanut-free and food-free zones, peanut-free games and gluten-free snacks at the ballpark! It's nice to see how baseball teams are making such an effort to reach out to fans on restricted diets! The Phoenix Fanster reported that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be offering gluten-free snacks and beer at games this season: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Gluten-free Remix).


Unknown said...

I attended the Diamondbacks vs Rockies game at Chase field on April 7, 2009 while visiting Phoenix.

My wife and I chose baseball over hockey due to my finding on the internet that Chase Field offered gluten free beer and snacks.

In summary: Nope - they don't!!!

I walked to the first beer stand I could find and requested a gluten free beer. Blank stares and "what's that" questions.

I then went to a Double Header snack bar. All the Double Header snack bars were supposed to have gluten free snacks.

After asking for gluten free snacks, the attendant went back and grabbed his manager who told me to go to the snack bar in section 119 or 114.

At the 119 snack bar, I was told to go to 114.

At section 114, I again asked for gluten free snacks and the attendant pointed at a 4" x 12" basket that contained half a dozen small gluten freee snack bars.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed (wording changed here to respect any children who may be reading)

Please update this site to remove the impression that Chase field offers gluten free snacks. I can tell you after spending $279.97 on premo tickets and going to several vendors at the stadium that gluten free at Chase field either doesn't exist or is impossible to find :(

Unknown said...

I am very disappointed to hear this! I am going to call Arizona and try to find out more. It's so exciting to think there are accommodations and then to go, and spend the money, and get your hopes up...it's awful. Thank you so much for letting us know about this.

louise said...

check also this for more informations about Diamondbacks :

Raquel Scharf-Anderson said...

Just thought I would let you know the D-Backs now offer Peanut safe games twice a season!

Unknown said...

Hey Raquel, thanks for that info! I got the May peanut-safe game on my other blog, peanutfreebaseball.com but don't know about the other game. Do you know when it is?