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24 March 2009

Food Lion's Supplier Change Could Mean Cross-Contact With Nuts, Peanuts

We've learned that Food Lion stores in the southeast have recently switched to a different supplier for mini-cupcakes. The new supplier apparently uses nuts and peanuts and is located somewhere outside the U.S. The name of the supplier is not available at this time.

Until the recent change, Freed's Bakery, a nut-free bakery in New Hampshire, had been the supplier for many years. Unfortunately, shifting operations outside the U.S., even for baked goods, is a continuing trend. There has been much discussion in recent days about the practices of food manufacturers in the U.S. How would U.S. manufacturers compare to foreign manufacturers in terms of good manufacturing practice (GMP), procedures to avoid cross-contamination, and facility inspections? In my younger days, I was involved with projects which brought foreign government officials to train with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in good manufacturing practices. If U.S. practices aren't up to snuff, as recent news indicates, how are those FDA trainees faring in their home countries?

How do you feel about U.S. and foreign manufacturing practices in light of food allergies?

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