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22 April 2009


Couldn't get to the THRIVE Allergy and Gluten-Free Expo on Sunday? Well, we have a treat for you! Jennifer Trammell, our Food Allergy Buzz reporter--a student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and rising star in journalism--spent the day at THRIVE. She came away with some great video interviews and interesting stories. Below is one such video, a brief overview of the Expo by Jennifer. We have more great videos to share with you over the coming days as well.


alison - surefoodsliving.com said...

Great job on the video! Thanks for posting for those of us who wished we could be there.

D. Pope said...

Great video! We have two family members who's lives are threaten every day by food allergies. Thank you for helping spread the word about the distinction between those who have a reaction and those who could die from ingesting and/or coming in contact with an allergen. It is so very important.
Hats off to the vendors dedicated to making this world a little easier to live in for those dealing with life threatening allergies.