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26 April 2009

Where Can You Get Miss Roben's Mixes Now?

 Are you feeling lost without Allergy Grocer/Miss Robens? You're not alone! These days, I regularly receive emails and telephone calls from loyal Allergy Grocer customers in search of Miss Roben's mixes and other specialty items. I don't carry these items or suitable subsitutes at FAB Snacks at this time, but I do know a store that may be able to help you! Navan Foods has Miss Roben's bagel mix, animal cookie mix, and graham cracker mix. They also have a corn free confectioner's sugar. In addition, Navan Foods is maintaining a list of individuals interested in buying Allergy Grocer's remaining stock, if and when it becomes available. For more information, visit www.navanfoods.com or call 1.866.707.7706.


Unknown said...

Great to know. Thanks for passing this along!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Navanfoods doesn't have the animal cookie mix as of 5/21 which was a staple of baking in my house. We're lost without it!