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29 May 2009

A Great Commentary from a Connecticut Food Allergy Parent

If you have kids with food allergies, you may appreciate this anonymous article: Food Allergies A Matter of Life and Death. It is written by a food allergy parent who is "in the middle", not a hysterical "food nazi" but not a "laissez faire" parent either. It's well written and to the point. Kudos to whoever the writer is! By the way, whoever you are, I know exactly what you mean!

Here's one of my favorite parts of this Hartford Courant article:

"When we were looking for preschools, the most important feature was the school's policy on peanut and tree-nut products. My child would be younger than 3 when he started school, and I didn't think he was quite ready to determine on his own if he should or should not eat that fantastic-looking cookie a classmate had offered. No, toddlers don't have a good history of making good choices. Nor are they known for their fastidious hand-washing habits."
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