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19 May 2009

School Secretary Blogs About Incoming PA Student

This morning, a snippet of a blog post from a middle school secretary was among my Google Alerts. I clicked on it but was unable to open it--the blog was locked. Other people saw the post before the blog was locked and what they found was appalling. A middle school secretary in Northern California had read the medical and other records for an incoming peanut allergic student. She provides details from the student's records in her blog and also shares her less than sympathetic views about the student's allergy. As a parent of a food allergic child, it's incredibly disturbing to read her blog post. I think, however, it is important to be aware of the different attitudes that exist.

Gina Clowes (www.allergymoms.com) with some assistance from a friend was able to contact the school district where the secretary is employed. From what I understand, the school district has been notified of the secretary's blog and activities. Way to go, Gina! You can learn more about this story on Gina's Allergy Moms blog, over on Food Allergy Support (http://www.foodallergysupport.org), and also on Debra Legg's fantastic blog, 9 to 5 to 9. According to the folks over at Food Allergy Support, Debra is the one who actually broke this story! Great job, Debra! Life really is stranger than fiction...
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