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03 June 2009

The Asthma Learning Curve

Over the last year or so, every time my 5 year old gets a cold, he develops a cough that lingers. We end up needing to use the nebulizer each time, which I naively thought would be something used only on the rarest occasions. Now, the albuterol does not seem to help enough, so apparently pulmicort and albuterol will become part of the cold treatment routine. This reminds me of learning how to treat my son's eczema when he was an infant. I was reluctant to use any form of steroid, and no one explained how the steroids worked, so we struggled along, using the steroid sparingly while trying to provide him with some relief. Now, I understand that using the pulmicort will help his lungs heal from the irritation, much like how the desonide helps his skin heal from the eczema flare-ups.

I have to confess that I find it disturbing to watch my son struggle to keep up with his friends because of the coughing that always occurs. I don't hold much hope for outgrowing the peanut allergy. I suspect his numbers are too high. I am hopeful, however, that asthma will be less of a problem as he grows. I imagine many of you have been in this position or are there right now. Troubling so many children have food allergies and asthma, but there is comfort in knowing we are not alone in facing these challenges.

NOTE: Recently, I listened to a very informative show about asthma in children on Dr. Gwenn's blogtalkradio show. One of her guests was--I believe--the founder of the Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA). AANMA has a great website with a lot of helpful information and resources about asthma and allergies. I am adding it to my list of online resources.
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