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22 July 2009

Where to Find Miss Roben's Goldfish Cracker Mix & Please Vote for SilknPearls

I have two small items I would like to share with you.

First, if you haven't heard, Navan Foods of Virginia Beach, VA, has a few more of Miss Roben's Goldfish Cracker mixes left. All of the other Miss Roben's mixes are gone. This may be your last chance to get your hand on some of these. Navan has marked them down considerably so those interested can stock up!

In other news, my gluten-free friend, @SilknPearls (aka Joyce Paige), has entered a cupcake contest. If you haven't visited her site, Grandma's Guten-Free Baking n Cooking, you should! Let's support her contest entry! Voting closes at midnight July 25 so we have a few more days. Visit http://bit.ly/2gCBIf and click on the link in the blog in order to vote. Thanks so much!

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