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04 July 2009

Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Pennsylvania

It's that time of year again. I am making preparations for our annual summer road trip out to see some relatives in the Pittsburgh burbs, and as usual I am looking for new "safe" restaurants for our young peanut allergic family to try. I feel like a Food Allergy Veteran at this point. We bring a box full of "safe" foods, picnic frequently, and always grab a couple Ian's frozen allergen-free meals once we get to our destination. That makes meals with the relatives so much easier!

I know there are the chain restaurants with their allergen-free menus and I know we can eat and have eaten at certain fast food joints. I hear Cici's is a peanut-safe pizza place and there are a few on the way to Pittsburgh. It would be a great to try a new place that is making an effort to be food allergy friendly, and preferably not one of those chains! Allergen-free menus are great, and while I appreciate the awareness from all those chain HQs, let's face it, sometimes the local restaurant staff still don't "get it", despite the allergen-free menus and best efforts of the HQ staff.

So if you've got a tip for a restaurant worth a try let me know. Email me at jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com. I will write about our experience so it's a chance for some good publicity (or not-so-good publicity). We'll be in the Greensburg vicinity outside of Pittsburgh but may head into Pittsburgh as well.
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