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07 July 2009

Zeer Select Launch Marks Debut of Great Gluten-Free Tool

I have been a fan of Zeer for some time--I love being able to see reviews of foods and share my own--but I am really impressed by their latest offering, Zeer Select. Last week, I had the pleasure of getting a preview and tour of Zeer Select, a fee-based subscription service which permits the user to search for gluten-free foods by product name, UPC number, and by category in Zeer's massive product database of over 30,000 food products. It is an amazing resource for those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and others who need or wish to avoid gluten.

Very detailed nutritional and ingredient information is available, highlighting specific allergen information and even cross-contamination risks, and contact information for product manufacturers is right there too. Foods are rated for their Gluten-Free Safety Status (or gluten-free friendliness)--"gluten-free", "appears to be gluten free", "may contain gluten" and "contains gluten"--and bear easy to read symbols to indicate their Gluten-Free Safety Status. Zeer Select highlights the gluten ingredients or possibly gluten-containing ingredients so you can easily locate and assess all the information yourself.

The Zeer Select website is easy to read and move through--the design seems very user-friendly. It truly seems like they have thought of everything. What a great tool this could be for someone entertaining a gluten-free guest. We all are aware of the learning curve for nutritional and ingredient label reading when you are on a restricted diet, and Zeer Select makes it so much easier. Friends and family can check out the gluten-free friendliness of dishes they plan to serve and even discover gluten-free snacks that might be good to have on hand. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of making a gluten-free grocery list; and you can save your personal list of safe foods, and email it to relatives and friends. I was really blown away by how complete the information is. My absolute favorite feature was the feed--similar to the feed on Facebook--you can easily see the latest info that has been added to the Zeer Select database--a handy feature for those who already have a working gluten-safe shopping list but are in search of exciting, new safe foods to try.

Subscriptions are $14.95 per month and you can also take a tour to see how it works. If you or a family member are living gluten-free, spending some time on Zeer Select is a must. Stay tuned--even more exciting things are planned at Zeer, including some tools for food allergic consumers too! Below is a short video from Zeer about the new Zeer Select service--check it out. Way to go, Zeer!

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