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19 August 2009

The Eagle Eyes of a Peanut Allergic Boy

We went to Walmart for school supplies today, my 8 year old non-allergic son, my 5 year old peanut allergic son and I. As we walked over to get a carriage, my 5 year old took a few steps back and pointed. He'd spotted a Snickers wrapper in the seat of the carriage in front of us, torn open with caramel dripping out. He knows Snickers is a candy with peanuts and he also knows food wrappers in general can be dangerous because we never know if they contained peanuts. Don't get concerned! He did not freak out or get upset. He was very calm but he was aware of his surroundings! He had spotted a potential danger and knew enough to avoid that carriage and get a different one. Smart boy! It's good to be aware.
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