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16 August 2009

Vending Machines and Food Allergies

I attended a workshop at a local college on Saturday, and decided that the occasion merited a visit to a vending machine during lunch break for soda and maybe candy too. Apparently, it has been years since I stood in front of a vending machine because I couldn't believe how few peanut-free choices there were there. I wonder how the vending machine choices will change over the next 10 to 15 years with the ever growing population of food allergic kids.

Vending machines in school is a subject of controversy these days, with obesity and other health issues increasingly becoming problems in school age children. Writer and food allergy blogger Susan Weissman--one of my favorites!--wrote on this very subject in The Huffington Post on July 24. Take a look at Snack Attack: US Schools Should Rethink Vending Machines Right Now!
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