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18 October 2009

Support for Peanut-Free Camps?

A reader wrote asking for tips for written sources and documentation showing how many children's camps are peanut-free and why "going peanut-free" is critical in the camp setting as well as other settings. I know the topic of peanut-free zones and environments is a hot button topic and am hoping we can steer clear of the controversy in order to help this reader. If you know of some articles or other sources which might be helpful, please comment with a url or two or even email the PDF to me at jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com and I will forward it to her. In addition, if you have been involved in helping a camp switch to peanut-free and would like to share your experience, that would also be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Unknown said...

I like the idea of food allergy aware camps and posted some information about this in my blog this summer:


Via a comment to that post, I discovered Camp T.A.G.:


As interest and need for these types of camps increases, I think we will begin to find more available.