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24 November 2009

Food Allergy Tips for the Movie Theater

We recently went to see the new Christmas Carol movie at the IMAX Theater at Jordan's Furniture in Natick, MA. The theater is very nice, smaller than I expected, and I was surprised that I actually felt cold when the 3D snowflakes fell. Do they have air blowers discretely placed in there or was the 3D that convincing?

We never buy popcorn at the theater. I don't think there are peanuts in the popcorn per se, just don't know what's in that butter or how clean anything is back there, plus it's terribly expensive to buy movie theater treats so we just skip it. Even in the summer, I make sure my peanut allergic son wears pants--not shorts--in case there is residue from peanut butter cups or other peanut butter candies. (He is very sensitive to skin contact.)

I cannot imagine how corn allergic individuals can go to a movie. What extra measures do other food allergic individuals take when they go to the movies? I bet I am not the only person with food allergies in the family who wonders what invisible risks rest on those seats!

If you have some helpful movie theater tips for food allergies, please share them in a comment below. Do you, for example, bring something to cover the seat? What do you do? Has anyone actually experienced a skin contact reaction at a movie theater? Tell us about your experience!
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