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24 February 2010

Food Allergies on The Martha Stewart Show Thanks to Cybele Pascal

Thanks to food allergy cookbook author, Cybele Pascal, food allergies will again be the topic on Martha Stewart's show on March 1. Go Cybele! She is the author of the well-regarded The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook. Here's a clip of Cybele on Martha Stewart in 2006:


On March 1, 2010,  Cybele will visit Martha again to share her latest book, The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook.  Food Allergy Buzz was fortunate to receive a copy of this wonderful baking cookbook, it's really a bible for allergen-free bakers. In fact, I think it is another resource I would've liked to have seen on our first allergist's list of resources when we first got my son's diagnosis. 

You can find Cybele's cookbooks at most bookstores and online as well. Please also visit her website, www.cybelepascal.com or say hello to her (@CybelePascal) on Twitter. Don't forget to tune in on March 1! (I've already got the DVR programmed.)


kelly said...

Yeah for FA bakers! I am very excited to see this tomorrow and it is so fabulous that we will have even more awareness. Great job Cybele!!

Amy said...

So great to see more publicity for all of us allergenic foodies. I vote for more shows like this!