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01 March 2010


It's Spring Training and tickets are on sale for regular season seats. It's time to start thinking about peanut-free and allergy friendly baseball!

My goal is to collect all the peanut-free, peanut-safe, and food allergy friendly baseball games in one centralized location on peanutfreebaseball.com. If you have information about an allergy friendly game you'd like to share, please email the information to me at jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com. I'll include it on peanutfreebaseball.com and will be sure to give you the credit.

Thank you!


Carla Burke said...

My husband used to go to Spring Training every year to watch the Cubs. He's from Chicago. We haven't been since our daughter was diagnosed with PA.
Is it now a "safe" park?

carla burke

Shannon said...

I haven't seen anything like this at all...but what a great idea. I hope something like that comes to our area. We live in a very small area and people have a lot of trouble accommodating my son's food allergies. Here is our story http://blog.kramernet.org/treenutallergy/

Jenny said...

Hi Jen, you may know this already but the Schaumburg Flyers (suburb outside of Chicago) and also the Kane County Cougars (northwestern Illinois, outside Chicago) both have peanut-free days.

I know I mentioned to you that the Cubs are supposedly addressing peanut allergy but I haven't heard back from them on that one yet. I'll let you know when I do.