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31 March 2010

Food Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Blogs, Websites, and Ideas

Still catching up on emails, reading, and blogging here among other things when I happened to read a recent post over at A propos des allergies alimentaires, a wonderful French Canadian blog I enjoy reading. Lise's latest post, Du Nouveau A La Boite de Lunch, is a review of a new French language recipe book for lunches. Speaking for myself, we're definitely in need of new ideas here. Lunch has become far too ho-hum! I have a few websites for lunch ideas and even quick dinner ideas which I visit from time to time, picking out food allergy friendly recipes that suit our needs. Two of my favorites are The Allergic Kid and 5 Dollar Dinners, and there are a few others as well.

I need some more inspiration and thought I'd throw my question to the masses. What are your favorite go-to online sources for food allergy friendly lunchtime ideas?
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