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05 May 2010

Join FAI's Give It Up Campaign During Food Allergy Awareness Week

The Food Allergy Initiative's Give It Up Campaign is encouraging friends and families to show their support to food allergic loved ones by giving up a favorite food for the duration of Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 9 to May 15. 

FAI also has a special Facebook page where you can send photos or videos about how you're participating in the Give It Up Campaign during Food Allergy Awareness Week this year. Whoa--one lucky participant wins an Apple ipad. If you're usually camera shy, don't be! 

Last but not least, FAI needs your support in writing our elected officials and requesting more funding for research for a cure for food allergies. FAI has done all the hard work and even has a form letter ready to go; you can write your officials straight from the FAI website--no extra work required!

Don't forget to check out FAI's home page and see what FAI is all about. There is a lot of great work going on there and Food Allergy Awareness Week is a great chance to learn more about what wonderful resources the food allergy community has for you and your family, and also how you can get involved!

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