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26 September 2012

Food Allergy Book Review - Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies

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One of the best food allergy books I have read is Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies by Sloane Miller. I would recommend Allergic Girl to parents and caregivers of children with food allergies, to young adults with food allergies, to adults newly diagnosed with food allergies, and others who feel food allergies are causing them stress on a daily basis. I've read her book twice and plan to give a copy of the book to my younger son (he has life threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts) when he is in high school. 

I love Sloane's tone and style; it's familiar and accessible. When I read the book, I felt as if I was talking to my very own personal food allergy coach. Allergic Girl is wonderful because she shares some of her own experiences, including her mistakes and her triumphs. She gives examples and suggestions on how to handle various social situations and shows that individuals with food allergies don't need to live life in a bubble or in fear. Sloane is particularly well-known for her advice on how to dine out with food allergies and enjoy restaurants. She shows you can manage food allergies successfully with grace and ease. In essence, Sloane advises individuals with food allergies to arm themselves with knowledge, be strong and take care of themselves, and enjoy life!

Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies is available online and in bookstores. If you haven't visited her blog--I've been a fan for years--you really should. By the way, Sloane does food allergy coaching as well, so it really is possible to benefit from some of her advice and strategies customized just for you. She and her book (and her blog too!) are fantastic resources for the food allergy community.

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