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10 October 2012

Food Allergy Book Review: Feeding Eden

Photo courtesy http://susanweissman.com/feeding-eden/
Susan Weissman's Feeding Eden is a wonderful book about managing a child's food allergies and the learning curve that comes following diagnosis of those allergies. It is a memoir and is perhaps the only book that has ever made me cry. Once I started reading, I truly could not put it down. If you have a child with severe, life threatening food allergies, this book hits home. It is difficult to describe the book because it is like no other food allergy book I have ever read. It is not a medical book or a book full of "how-to's", tips, or recipes. Rather, it is a book that tells a story, Susan's family's story of life with a child with multiple food allergies. 

There were so many parts of the book that I could personally relate to, because we share this bond too many parents share today--parenting a child with life threatening allergies.  Many say there is a sort of isolation with food allergies and in managing them, and reading Susan's book makes one feel not quite so alone in this food allergy journey. So many of the emotions, which Susan so beautifully expresses, are emotions I have felt over the years. She has a really lovely writing style, and the book is touching and also at the same time humorous. She explains her family's journey with food allergies with such detail and honesty, the reader cannot help but share her pain, concerns, joys and triumphs. We feel like we are experiencing the allergic reactions, the worries, the a-ha moments and the successes with Susan as they happen. It's just a marvelous book, particularly for parents and caregivers of children with food allergies. I highly recommend it and am very honored to have the opportunity to review it.

I can't wait to read Susan's next book, no matter what the subject. She is a fantastic writer.

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