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04 February 2013

Food Allergy Friendly Valentine's Day Find: Allergy Friendly Valentine Cookie House Kit

A & J Bakery has done it again!


My sons and I were the happy recipients of a lovely package from A & J Bakery. We enjoyed heart shaped gumdrops, cinnamon red jellybeans and spring colored jellybeans, which all were free of the top 8 allergens. We sampled chocolate chunk cookies which were free of the top 8 except soy (YUM!) and are in the middle of working on the item pictured above--an allergy friendly Valentine's Day cookie house kit! This is such an adorable food allergy friendly Valentines Day treat and activity all in one, and the whole family can work on it! It is free of tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, sesame and soy. It comes with instruction and 2 recipes for the icing needed for assembly, as well as edible and non-edible decorations. Cost: $26.95. The candy is $4.95 per bag. (I think it is 16 ounces, but I am double-checking with the bakery to be sure on the size/weight.)

Joe and Amy are almost like scientists the way they figure out ways to make the goodies everyone likes free of as many of the most common allergens as possible while still maintaining the texture, taste, and appearance we want. Way to go, A & J!

Photos of our completed Valentine's Day house will be online in the next few days! (Keep in mind it'll be the combined effort of one non-artsy mom and 2 school boys who not so long ago competed to see who can burp more of the alphabet.)

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