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11 April 2013

Food Allergies at School: Lunch Monitor Conduct

Here's the situation. Nearly every classroom in the elementary school is peanut/nut free because of the huge number of children with peanut and nut allergies. The school offers peanut/nut free classrooms to the parents of children with peanut and/or nut allergies. This means children's snacks (eaten in the classroom) must not contain peanuts or tree nuts as ingredients. At lunch, there is a peanut-free, nut-free, and sesame-free table where children with food allergies may sit. When tables are cleaned by the custodian, the allergy table is cleaned first, to prevent cross-contamination. The cafeteria does not make anything with peanuts or nuts, but does serve Smuckers Uncrustables for those children who want to purchase a PB &J sandwich at lunch.

There are lunch monitors who circulate around the cafeteria to make sure children are behaving, to open any snacks or containers for children who need help, and generally make sure things are running smoothly. These ladies also keep an eye on the kids during recess. 

Question: is it ok for a lunch monitor to walk around and crack open peanuts and eat them while watching the children eat their lunch in the cafeteria?

I have mixed feelings on this one. What do you think?
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