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16 November 2013

Give to this Fun Food Allergy Friendly Chocolate Campaign!

I received this interesting, irresistible message and just HAD to share it! By the way if you haven't had Seth Ellis chocolates or Sun Cups, you are really missing out! See this 2009 Food Allergy Buzz post about Seth Ellis pre-SunCups.
"Hello Friends ,

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to a great effort to help children with allergies. My company Seth Ellis Chocolatiers the makers of Boulder-based Sun Cups, a gluten, nut, corn and soy allergen free chocolate treat, is running an Indiegogo campaign. We want to give free Sun Cups to as many kids with food allergies as possible. I love our product and consider myself to be picky about my chocolate.

It's quite touching to hear the stories of kids with allergies who get their first-ever chance to eat something wonderful that the vast majority of us take for granted. Please consider supporting this campaign and let others know. (There's a one-year supply of chocolate for whoever refers the most number of funders to the campaign.)

To learn more and donate:

Thanks for your help and have a great week and Holiday season!



P.S. With a very large percentage of the US population having food allergies and our product addressing 7 of the top 8 food allergies and then an added bonus is we are corn allergen free as well it is a very worthy endeavor and we need your help."

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